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Find your perfect tour and tour guide in Mallorca

Allow your personal guide to take you on a private tour to discover Mallorca. Our private tours are without a doubt the best way to explore the island's hidden corners, special secrets and local gems that you would never have found on your own. With a private tour guide, you’ll experience Mallorca in a way that other visitors don’t. Get ready to enjoy a day made memorable with unique insider access.


Explore the mountains, the city or the beaches on one of our fixed itineraries or take a tailor-made private excursion just for your family or group. Or better still, follow your tastebuds on one of our private gastronomic tours.



For those who have it clear what they would like to visit with a private tour guide, we have the tailor-made tour option. Just think about where or what you would like to visit on the island and the duration you would like the tour to be and then send us a whatsapp with this information, along with details of how many you are and where you are staying. Then we will put everything together for you in a proposed itinerary and send you a quote.


A tailor-made tour is a unique way to really get to know Mallorca, with a tour guide who will show you otherwise inaccessible parts of the island, such as hamlets and villages in the countryside, hidden beaches or the best local markets, where there's not another tourist in sight - yes, these places still exist in Mallorca and we know where to find them!


As we organise these tours on a personal basis, it is essential that you send us a whatsapp message with all the details so that we have everything clear and can communicate with you.


Benefits of a tailor-made tour:

  • Our tour guides are locals and know all the special parts of the islands and its hidden corners.
  • Your itinerary is completely personalised for you, meaning you see everything you want to see on one tour and don't waste even one second of your holiday.
  • A tailor-made tour can be modified on the go, so if your plans change, a child feels sleepy or hungry or you love a place so much that you want more time there, your tour guide will adapt to whatever you need. That's the beauty of a private tour in Mallorca.
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Why not take a tour with a private guide to discover Mallorca's gastronomic delights? Did you know that Mallorca has a rich gastronomic history and culture, with fascinating stories behind the shapes of the desserts, the savory pastries and the products made from "matanzas"? 


Your local tour guide will open your eyes to a whole world of tasty treats, including such gastronomic delights as: frito Mallorquin, ensaimadas, empanadas and cocarrois, to name just a few. Some of these gastronomic delights are made locally at artesan bakeries or even in convents, all of which you will visit, ensuring you get a real local experience.


And included in our gastronomy offering are private tours where you can discover Mallorca's wine-producing culture and typical liqueurs made with indiginous herbs. Visit vineyards and wine cellars with your private tour guide and learn about the wine-making process from the grapevines to the bottle, with plenty of wine-tasting opportunities.


Our private gastronomic tours in Mallorca:


Who hasn't dreamed of having a private tour guide to take them to the best beaches in Mallorca? 


In summer, a beach tour is a must, on which you will have a personal guide to take you to discover the most pristine and unspoilt beaches on the island. Cool off in crystal clear waters in a secluded cove, where you can relax in idyllic surroundings away from the crowds. 


Unfortunately, the guidebooks send everyone to the same overcrowded spots, but we are locals and we know the best beaches to visit in summer, as well as the beaches to avoid! 

We have something for everyone

  • Pristine stretches of endless white sand.
  • Rocky coves with pools full of crabs and small fishes.
  • The best beaches for snorkelling.
  • Virgin beaches away from the crowds.
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Get the very best out of Palma, Mallorca's stunning capital, on a walking tour with a private tour guide. With us, you can be sure that your tour guide will be a local expert who will give you details of the city's exciting history and culture. You will explore Palma's famous monuments, such as its majestic cathedral or the Almudaina Palace, as well as the city's hidden gems down delightful lanes and alleys.


Stroll around Palma's unique courtyards, discover the city hall square with its famous old olive tree, and learn some of the legends and fun facts about the city. There is so much to see and discover in Palma, that your tour guide can adapt the itinerary to whatever you find more interesting or to show you what you want to see. This is the most relaxed, stress-free and personal way to explore Palma.


What's more: our tour guides know all the best spots for coffee and cake in Palma!


Choose your Palma de Mallorca private tour: (click below for more info)

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  • Local company: We are a local company based on the island of Mallorca. We put together the best itineraries and the most logical timings. We will adapt to your needs, but we will also advise you if we know that something won't work (other companies will just take your money).
  • Local guides: Our private tour guides are local experts and they will ensure that you have the BEST day in Mallorca. You will enjoy intriguing insights, fun facts, and stories from the people who call your destination home.
  • Perfectly planned itineraries: From start to finish, every moment of your day trip is thoughtfully mapped out for you to enjoy an incredible journey. We have curated the best stops to offer you the best possible experience.
  • Prices: As we are a local company and work with local suppliers, we are able to offer the best value prices for our private tours. Just compare and you will see that it is true.
  • Experience: We have years of experience arranging tours and activities. We pride ourselves on the itineraries of our private tours, which our guides have painstakingly researched and put together to the last detail to ensure you have the best possible time.
  • Easy booking: Just click on the "book now" button and book your private tour guide in three easy steps. Or, send us a Whatsapp and we will discuss the options with you first.
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